50 Things About Me

Since I’m already expressing things I don’t normally say and you’re reading them, you might as well know some things about me, so here’s 50 of them:

  1. I was born in the States
  2. I’m basically full Chinese with some Korean
  3. I suck at using chopsticks
  4. I did a study abroad in the UK
  5. I have a little pizza tattoo
  6. I was born with 5 spots on my left arm that are identical to my dads
  7. I’ve never broken any bones
  8. My favourite movie is The Dark Knight
  9. My second favourite movie is 21 Jump Street (I’ve watched it at least 20 times)
  10. I don’t want to have kids
  11. I watch a lot of TV; my favourites include Game of ThronesFriendsBBC SherlockOne Tree HillSuitsThe OfficeScandal, House of Cards, The Crown and Grey’s Anatomy
  12. I got into my first car accident when I was 21
  13. I can’t swim
  14. My favourite book is The Count of Monte Cristo
  15. I like writing poetry even if I’m not necessarily good at it
  16. I like to listen to rap while studying because the things rappers brag about is sometimes really motivational
  17. I drink my coffee black
  18. I put everything in my calendar to the point where I can tell you exactly where I was and who I was with on any given day dating back to 2011
  19. I don’t get road rage
  20. I like giving people/things/animals/plants Spanish-inspired names even though I can’t speak Spanish
  21. I am fluent in three languages
  22. My first job was at Victoria’s Secret
  23. Bugs don’t scare me
  24. Birds terrify me
  25. I had a security blanket that I brought everywhere until I was 7
  26. I have pretty severe OCD when it comes to my own living space
  27. I got my first piercing senior year
  28. I can outdrink almost everyone at any given party
  29. My usual order at McDonald’s is fries and a cone in a cup or a nugget happy meal
  30. I only drink clear sodas
  31. I was in an almost plane crash
  32. I have a shit memory
  33. I hate working out and only do it 1-5 times a year
  34. I’m willing to try almost anything once
  35. My drink of choice is tequila/beer
  36. I work best under pressure
  37. I hate movie theatre popcorn
  38. My favourite flowers are tulips
  39. I laugh at my own jokes/texts
  40. I love to travel
  41. I like olives
  42. My biggest pet peeve is when people are hypocritical – like bitch stfu and sit down
  43. Siri is programmed to address me as “Lebron”
  44. I’m the friend you can always depend on to go out with you
  45. I’m a shit parker
  46. I love spicy food — the hotter, the better
  47. I’m an introverted extrovert
  48. I have no double joints
  49. I believe in destiny
  50. My greatest fear is to never be truly understood by others



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