So It Happened

For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been lusting over dainty tattoos. There’s something so feminine and badass about having a tiny little tattoo. So, when I stumbled upon the Instagram of a Toronto artist I decided to just commit. Although I’ve been wanting one for so long, I wasn’t sure about the placement or even what exactly I wanted. Even though that was the case, I set up an appointment for late summer hoping that inspiration would strike and I would figure it out by then.

I bit the bullet and set up my appointment shortly after I turned 20. At the time, I felt like life was happening too quickly. I had just crossed the threshold from adolescence into adulthood and let’s be honest I’m shit at “adulting.” As dumb as it sounds now, at the time I was like this can be like my last rebellious teen act. A tribute to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. In a way, I was trying to preserve the feeling of being a teen and being able to be reckless – thinking that a tattoo would keep the essence of my teen years forever, even if I ended up in a cubicle working a 9-5p after graduation.

The days leading up to my appointment I was pretty nervous and honestly thought of cancelling. I hadn’t decided on a placement and it made me really nervous that I could potentially regret something that was going to be one me forever. I’m someone who likes to stick to a plan so going into my appointment without being fully committed scared me. I felt a little in over my head but I wanted to be able to follow through. I also was going to lose my $80 deposit if I didn’t, so I said fuck it let’s do it.

Now that I am officially part of #teamtatted I can say that I don’t regret my tattoo. The whole process took around an hour, with the actual inking portion taking about 15 minutes. I was also pleasantly surprised that the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I ended up going for an ankle tatt and even when the needle was hitting bone the pain wasn’t as excruciating as I had read about online. It’s more of a buzzing sensation than actual pain. I felt no pain or irritation after leaving the parlour and it seems to be healing very nicely. Definitely don’t let the pain be the reason you decide not to get tatted.

The only thing is that I wish I decided to get it somewhere more noticeable. With it being on my ankle it is harder to show it off but knowing me I’ll definitely find a way to do it. I definitely am happy to have hopped on the tattoo bandwagon and am already considering getting something else done. Hopefully something a little more meaningful than my little pizza tattoo!






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