What If?

“I hate these words: what if?”

We as humans spend our entire lives thinking about the quintessential question: “what if?” We calculate and dissect every decision and pinpoint the exact moment where we could have potentially made a different decision which would have a completely different, and in our minds, better outcome. We are so consumed with the thought that somewhere along the lines we made the wrong choice that we spend the rest of our lives entertaining thoughts of “what if this happened or what if that didn’t happen.” 

Instead of focusing on the bigger picture of the experiences that have enriched or bettered us, we are distracted by the concept of if that hadn’t happened we would be happier than we are now. This concept has become so consuming to today’s society that many of us are unable to grow from the experiences that occur in our lives; our infatuation with the question: “what if?” has made us completely ignorant to everything else. People are too caught up in trying to redeem or amend their past mistakes that they forget to live in the moment. Instead of learning from their experiences, they focus on how they could have avoided them.

No matter how many goals we accomplish or how successful we become, I believe that we will never be able to ever stop wondering “what if?” It’s human nature to regret and try to atone for the past. I sincerely hope that regardless of what I experience in life, I will be able to become a stronger and more resilient person through those experiences, instead of agonizing over what I could have done avoid them. Being realistic, I know that that will not always be the case, but through the passing of time I hope I learn something through every one of my experiences. Life isn’t always happy, and I genuinely hope that we choose not to focus on the “what ifs” but instead to see the bigger picture and to appreciate the experiences we have had the privilege to have. They may just be blessings in disguise.

So the next time you ask yourself “what if?” the answer should be “why not?” Life is short; let’s not spend it in the past.


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