University Bucket List


I made this list last summer before I started university and I decided to share how much I got done. A lot of the things are UWO specific, and I’ve had a lot of fun trying to complete everything on my list with my friends. I also am continuously adding things to it as I find out about more UWO rituals and traditions. I have three more years to cross everything off my list!

go trayboozing down UC hill

have a movie marathon with the floor

secure an ivey husband

participate in all the frosh week events

see rick mcghie perform at the spoke

jam out at a outdoor music festival or concert

go on an exchange/study abroad

have a booth and bottle service

watch a jays game with the roomies

try shisha (don’t ever do it)

wear someone’s eng jacket

beers on the patio

go to a drive-in movie theatre

get into the bar with a fake

sneak into the UCC theatre

host a kegger

go to a kegger 

steal someone’s taxi

make a slip and slide

make a blanket fort 

avoid floorcest

try every beer at the spoke

grab a bunch of condoms from health services

go to shinerama/terry fox run

get absolutely plastered and purple for hoco

take a class at the rec centre

have pizza delivered to weldon at 4AM

try kickboxing

finish a 26 in one night

eat a weed brownie

have drunk conversations with the cab driver

make out with the floor RA (he was gay, but i got it done)

hook up with a TA

steal food from the caf (do nutella packets in my bra count?)

visit the top of UC tower

have too much funnel cake (is this even possible) update: it is possible

ride a bike along a bike trail

swim in the thames

spend all of frost week drunk/hungover

pull an all-nighter in weldon

bring alcohol into an exam

get a tatt

make out with a girl

watch a mustangs football game

carve my name into one of the spoke tables

throw up somewhere embarrassing 

get drunk on a tuesday (club going up on a tuesday, hell ya)

take a stupid course like birdwatching 101

skip class for a day to watch tv with the roomies

be drunk by 8AM

have sex in weldon

go to a poetry slam

steal toilet paper from some floormates when you run out

try a bad pickup line on a guy at the bar

make out with a guy at the bar

go to a res party

say yes to everything for a day

ride the bull at cowboys

take the greyhound home while drunk

get kicked out of the bar

do a keg stand

go to lecture drunk

go to lecture hungover

visit every single bar in london

go to 12 bars or bunny hop

play sledgehammer bingo at ceeps

dine and dash

get written up by res staff for drinking

paint fight

crash a saugeen party

visit every res building

learn to blow a smoke ring

use the underground tunnels

take a random bus from nat sci and hope it brings you home

go to a frat party

make out with a frat boy

have a guy buy you a drink at the bar

play beer pong underwater

wake up in someone else’s bed and have no idea how you got there

spend 24 hours straight in weldon and not go crazy (idk about the not going crazy part)

pull a “western week”

get on king richie’s wall of fame (i need all the pizza)



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