12 Greatest Things About Christmas

I’m almost 100% sure that Christmas is everybody’s favourite time of the year. I mean what’s not to love. There is the perpetual feeling of happiness and everyone is almost always in a better mood as the Holidays approach. It would even be hard for a grinch to suppress a little peal of excited giggles admist the Holiday bustle. I personally adore Christmas. And I decided to list the top 12 reasons why: 

1. Seeing friends and relatives that you haven’t seen in awhile. Whether it’s calling up that friend and grabbing a coffee to catch up or having Christmas dinner with your favourite people, it’s the time to not be alone and to be together with everyone you love.

2. The satisfaction that comes when you have finished all your Christmas shopping and everything is wrapped and tagged, ready to be gifted. You know you feel pretty badass when you have checked everyone off your gift list and you know that they’ll love their presents. Heck, I even love the madness of consumers clearing the shelves in the mall as they try to get all their Christmas present shopping done. Don’t even get me started on how much I love mall decorations at Christmas.

3. Christmas movies. Nothing feels better than to curl up on your couch with a hot chocolate and to watch all your favourite Christmas movies for the nth time. For some reason, you never get tired of it.

4. Christmas trees. It’s unhealthy how much I anticipate the moment that it is socially acceptable to once again decorate a Christmas tree. One tradition that we have started is having each member in the family buy a special ornament each year for the tree. It’s great to look at the ornaments from previous years and reminiscence.

5. Christmas candles. I always eagerly anticipate for Bath & Body Works to bring out their Holiday scents. Twisted Peppermint, Sparkling Icicles and Fresh Balsam are always at the top of my list for the Holiday season. Something about candles just completes the perfect night in with your favourite Christmas movies.

6. Ugly Christmas sweaters. Tacky Christmas sweaters. Just plain old Christmas sweaters. They’re itchy and uncomfortable but I always look forward to busting mine out for all the themed parties that are hosted at this time of the year. No holiday season is complete without an Ugly Christmas sweater themed party.

7. Skating at Nathan Philips Square. It’s ridiculous that this is even one of my favourite things when I can’t even skate. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a significant other, grab whomever and head over to Nathan Philips Square during the Holiday season, it will not disappoint. Especially at night when all the lights turn on.

8. Starbucks red cups. The basic girl in me cannot not mention the Starbucks holiday menu and iconic red cups. Don’t deny that you don’t wait for Starbucks to bring their Peppermint Mochas back each year. It has become one of the indicators that the Holidays are approaching. Especially if you are swamped with papers, readings, and finals, we all know that red cup is the cheeriest thing in your life right now.

9. Christmas music. You can’t avoid it. It plays everywhere. In the mall, on the radio, from all the rooms in your res. We all know that everyone busts out their Christmas playlists the day after Halloween. Having Michael Buble singing about Christmas to you makes doing just about anything better. Even cleaning.

10. Christmas treats. It’s basically a proven fact that everyone eats more during the Holiday season. Baking treats with your family and friends to give out to other family and friends just makes sense. And of course that Christmas feast. Better make sure you pick out a loose outfit for Christmas that won’t restrict how much you can consume!

11. Snow. The first snowfall is always welcomed and snowmen and snow angels can be seen up and down neighbourhoods. The toboggans come out and taboozing for rest of us is always something to look forward to. While as a Torontonian I can’t say that I always enjoy snow and shovelling it, we all know that it doesn’t feel like the Holiday season without snow. White Christmases are just more magical. Sorry California, you’re missing out.

12. Everyone is happier. It’s true. Call it a side-effect of Christmas.


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